Conditions of renting & driving the vehicle:
  • 18+ of age
  • valid ID or passport and driving license (issued at least one year back)
  • proof of address of residence
  • copy of company documents (companies only)
  • deposit paid
General Rental Conditions:
  • During the rental period, fuel, parking fees, road toll and traffic fines shall be paid by the customer renting the vehicle.
  • If driving in abroad, preliminary approval is required. (No extra charge applies.)
  • Second driver is allowed. (To be named, no extra charge applies.)
  • The vehicle may be used under observing any prevailing traffic and customs rules.
  • Fuel as per specified by the manufacturer must be used.
  • Minimum rental period: 1 day (24 hours).
  • The rental fee includes maintenance, liability insurance and damage waiver insurance.
Accidental damage excess - if accident caused by the driver:
  • Our vehicles are CDW insured.
  • In general, the damage excess equals 10% to 20%-of the damage or HUF 100,000 to HUF 150,000, depending on the vehicle.